At Camp K’helah, we believe camp should give children more than happy memories.  It should instill in them a sense of ruach to help provide a foundation for their Jewish future.   Camp helps to shape their lives and grow as their needs develop and change.

For more than 17 summers, Camp K’helah has been inspiring children with daily adventures.  In addition to providing non-stop fun, we also believe camp is a place for children to learn more about themselves, make friends, explore their personal interests, and learn more about Jewish values.  JCC Camp K’helah provides a progression of enriching and exciting programs that are purposefully designed for skill and social development.  Our high staff to camper ratio ensures participation, recognition, and success for each child.

We feature an exciting variety of camp options including specialty camps, sports, drama, arts and crafts, music, dance, and more.  Specialty Camps take place before and after our sensational day camp, giving additional camp options.  There is something for every child of every age. Children make friendships that keep them coming back year after year, eventually to become our CITs and counselors.

We cannot wait for Camp K’helah to begin its 18th year of quality Jewish camp programs.  We look forward to seeing all the big, bright smiles that make Camp K’helah the “Happiest Place in Vegas”.

Early Childhood Camp Programs – June 24 – August 2

Nitzanim (Buds) 2 Year Olds Full & Half Day Programs

(Must Turn 2 By September 1, 2013)

Meeting the needs of the energetic preschool children, our youngest campers enjoy a full range of thoughtfully designed, age appropriate activities.  Each camp day is an exciting and stimulating  experience that provides  lasting memories.  Activities include opening circle,  story time, art, swim instruction, little chefs cooking, outdoor water play, little actors stage drama, and Shabbat celebrations.


Pitzelach (Little Ones) 3 Year Olds Full & Half Day Programs (Must Turn 3 By September 1, 2013)

Potty Trained

Our Little Ones will enjoy active days filled with friendship and smiles.  This age appropriate program is designed to foster and    promote self-confidence and independence and nurture each child.  Activities include “opening  circle”, music, dance, sports, tumbling, science, art, little chefs cooking, swim instruction, outdoor water play, Shabbat and more!


Bubbehlahs (Dear Ones) 4 Year Olds Full & Half Day Programs (Must Turn 4 By September 1, 2013)

Potty Trained

Each day campers will enjoy exciting activities led by a host of      specialists to enhance positive self-esteem while providing a warm, nurturing environment.  Watch campers grow in an atmosphere that promotes positive values and good sportsmanship.  Activities include “Opening Circle”, music, dance, sports, tumbling, nature, little chefs cooking, art, science, instructional swim, free swim, outdoor water play, and Shabbat  celebrations.


Kochavim (Stars) Entering Kindergarten Full & Half Day Program

The Stars of Camp K’helah enjoy a well rounded program designed to nurture and challenge the individual camper.  Days are filled with opportunities in sports, art, Israeli Culture, dance, music, nature,    science, cooking, drama, instructional swim, free swim, Shabbat     celebrations and special event brought to camp.  Campers grow in an atmosphere that promotes integrity, self-esteem, positive values and good sportsmanship.

Grades 1 – 6 Camp Programs – June 24 – August 2

Chaverim (Friends) Entering Grade 1

At Camp K’helah, ya gotta have ‘Friends’ and our first graders  will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities while being supervised by our carefully trained team of counselors and specialists.  Get ready for activities including team sports, arts & crafts, drama, cooking, dance, music, day of caring,  instructional and free swimming, science, nature, Israeli Culture and of course friends!


Giborim (Heroes) Entering Grade 2

Everyone loves a ‘hero’ and there is no shortage of them at Camp K’helah.  This diversified, action-packed program is geared towards learning new skills, building self-confidence and    developing personal growth.  Enjoy team sports, arts & crafts, drama, cooking, dance, music, day of caring, instructional and free swimming, science, nature, Israeli Culture and field trips.


Simcha (Happiness) Entering Grade 3

Come on get ‘Happy’ because at Camp K’helah we offer an extraordinary program for campers in the upper elementary grades.  This group is specifically designed with you in mind so you can enjoy exciting activities that will bring new challenges while building a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.  Activities include team sports, arts & crafts, drama, cooking, dance, music, day of caring, free swimming, science, nature, Israeli Culture, field trips, field trips and our annual Overnight for the first time!


Bogrim (Builders) Entering Grade 4

Your 4th grade campers will “Build” and grow this summer.  Campers love to create and        explore as they begin to reach their pre-teens years and Camp K’helah provides  programming that is age appropriate for these children.  Activities include aquatics, team sports, theatre, cooking, dance, music, Israeli Culture, field trips and of course our annual overnight.


Ruach (Spirit) Entering Grade 5

We’ve got ‘Spirit’ yes we do, we’ve got ‘Spirit’ how about you?  That’s right, Camp K’helah    offers Ruach campers more choice and more activities than ever before!  Enjoy field trips in   addition to the activities that you want to participate in.  Whether it is sports and science or arts & crafts and dance or drama and cooking, you get to choose the activities you like!  Other  activities include free swimming, Shabbat celebrations and the opportunity to enjoy our annual overnight.

Grades 7 – 10 Teen Camp Programs – June 24 – August 2

Tzofim (Scouts) Entering Grade 6

Help us ‘Scout’ out what is different this summer at Camp K’helah.  It is our 6th grade campers where boys and girls participate together on an equal basis.  Daily activities are specifically    designed to help strengthen relationships between campers, promote tolerance and respect, and form strong bonds of friendship.  Whether it is sports or art, campers get to choose the    activities they like.  Tzofim will go on weekly field trips and will participate in the annual Overnight.


Ne’arim (Adventure) Entering Grade 7

The oldest of our campers will have an ‘Adventurous’ summer with a whole new approach to teen summer programming.  In addition to weekly field trips, our Ne’arim campers will be able to choose from a variety of programs when at camp.  Each day teens choose their own activities from a choice that  includes sports, drama, art or be a part of the Camp K’helah Newspaper or video team.  Teens can also choose to swim up to 3 days a week.  This is the perfect flexible   program suited for the    maturing young adult.


Leaders in Training (LIT) Entering Grade 8

Camp K’helah has a program geared especially for the rising 8th grader.  We understand that these teens not only want to attend camp, but also learn to be a CIT and Camp Counselor.  This program offers a transitional experience from being a camper to a leader.  Teen issues such as nutrition, peer pressure and stress management will be explored.  Our goal is to foster campers independence and encourage them to embrace new challenges.  LIT’s get the best of both worlds – all the  energizing activities of an exciting day camp combined with weekly field trips and the opportunity to develop friendships with other teens in a leadership capacity.


Counselors in Training (CIT) Entering Grades 9 & 10

Leadership training and “pre job” experience is what you will gain from our CIT program at Camp  K’helah.  Working directly with our CIT Coordinator and our Senior Counselors, CITs will help plan camp-wide programs, help facilitate our day of caring activities while participating in their own mitzvah projects throughout the summer.  ALL CITs must submit a one-page written essay as to why they want to participate in our CIT program along with a completed Registration Form.  Deadline is May 1, 2013.  CIT’s will be contacted to set up a parent-CIT meeting with the Camp Director.  CITs must attend all staff meetings and staff training.  NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE!  Staff Training will be held at the Adelson Educational Campus from Monday, June 17 – Thursday, June 20, 2013 as well as any pre-camp meetings to be announced.  Detailed Staff Training schedule to follow.